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The purchase of a new home is one of the most important financial investments you will ever make. The process of buying a home is an exciting venture in your life that can be very stressful at times.  This emphasizes the need for an unbiased, third party home inspection which can bring peace of mind to the process.  A well trained, experienced home inspector can save potential home buyers literally thousands of dollars in repair costs and time for deficiencies in the home that were either not disclosed or not evident.


We at A. Murray’s Home Inspections are able to point out deficiencies which are present in the home, can recognize previous repairs which have been made and in many cases can see the potential for future problems that may exist in the home.  We encourage our clients to accompany us on the inspection and to ask questions as we move through the inspection process.  This enables us to familiarize you with the house and educate you on the operations and maintenance issues of the various mechanics in the house.

Our home inspection reports are thorough, clear and concise, with digital photos and a priority report summary, for quick reference and to aid in preparing a repair list for the sellers.  Reports are always delivered the same day of the inspection, generally within a few hours of the inspection.  Reports are emailed to the client and realtor in PDF format for easy delivery, printing and storage.


Allow us to help reduce your risk as you make one of the largest investments of your lifetime.  We cannot guarantee to point out every single deficiency in the house, but with our experience and desire to complete the most thorough inspections possible, you can rest at ease knowing your new home has been thoroughly inspected by a professional team.  Evan long after the inspection, we remain available for any questions or follow up that may be required. Just give us a call at any time and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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We offer a full range of environmental testing to accompany you maintenance or home inspection:

  • Radon Testing
  • Mold Testing, air quality and swabbing
  • Water/Bacteria Testing
  • Septic Dye Testing

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